Caregiver Interfaith Volunteer Services, sponsored by Third Age Living at St. John’s Hospital, provides FREE VOLUNTEER SERVICES (regardless of income) for persons 55 years and older. CIVS is a network of various interfaith congregations and community agencies in the Springfield, Chatham and Rochester area. This program assists the Care receiver, other family members, friends and neighbors of someone in need. Requests also come from social services, hospitals or Senior Services of Central Illinois. There is no charge for the services, but free will donations are accepted and appreciated.

What services do CIVS trained volunteers provide?

  • Transportation and escort for medical appointments and shopping
  • Grocery shopping for persons no longer able to leave home
  • Minor Home Repairs and home maintenance help
  • Respite care to occasionally relieve a primary caregiver
  • Caring companionship phone calls and visits

Who are the CIVS Volunteers?

  • Generous, caring St John Vianney parishioners who want to assist older adults so they can continue to live independently and with dignity

How can you become a CIVS Volunteer?

  • Please call Kay Alberts, CIVS Program Coordinator, to arrange a REQUIRED Orientation – 757-6621 (approximately 90 minutes), after which you will be covered by St. John’s Hospital extended liability.
  • This training will provide you with the information you will need to help others who truly NEED you!
  • The CIVS motto is “A NEIGHBOR’S independence DEPENDS on YOU!”
  • This is a “win-win” situation for everyone.
  • You may volunteer as much or as little as you like – once a week, once a month, or whatever is convenient for you.
  • This program allows you the opportunity to serve others on your own time-frame.

Who are the CIVS Care Receivers?

  • Persons 55 years and older or their family members, friends or neighbors who need respite to continue helping them to live independently and with dignity.

How can you become a CIVS Volunteer?
Please call Kay Alberts (757-6621) to register for assistance or email your contact info to