Parish Library


If you would like to borrow an item from the Parish Library while the church building is closed, please contact the Parish Office by phone at 217-523-3816 or by email at  with the name of the item, your name & phone number, and how long you would like borrow the item.  The parish librarian will check the item out for you and place it in the Lobby of the Activity Center on a Silver Shelving Unit.  You will be notified when the item is ready for pick up.  When you are finished with an item you can return it to the Silver Shelving Unit.


St. John Vianney Parish has a great selection of books and DVDs in our Parish Library.  The Library is located in the Adoration Chapel.  You may access the Library before or after all Masses.

Click HERE for the Parish Lending Library Listing


The SJV Parish Library is a self-help library.  Patrons check out materials by completing a sign-out card located in the front or back of each book.  All DVDs will also have a sign-out card attached to the case.  The check-out procedures are detailed on an instruction sheet displayed on the Library book shelf.


After selecting an item, write your name, phone number, and the date you plan to return the item on the sign-out card (in the front of the book) and place the card in the little white box.

When you return the item, please place it on the shelf by the little box. 

Note that the parish librarian will return the sign-out card to the item before the item is placed in its proper place on the shelf.  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RESHELF THE RETURNED ITEM!

If you do not return the checked out item within the noted time period you can expect to receive a friendly reminder at some future date.