Legislative Contacts

Occasionally the need arises that we as Faithful Citizens should contact our state and federal legislators concerning issues that not consistent with the tenants of our faith. Below are listed the legislators for our parish area.

Senator William “Sam” McCann
105E Capitol
Springfield IL 62706
217.782.8206 / 217.782.8207

State Representative Rich Brauer
1128 E. Stratton Building
Springfield IL 62706
217/782-0053 fax 217/782-0897
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

US Representative Aaron Schock
235 S. Sixth St.
Springfield IL 62701
217/670-1653 fax 217/670-1806
Website: schock.house.gov
 Contact Rep. Schock

US Senator Richard J. Durbin
525 South Eighth Street
Springfield IL 62703
217/492-4062 fax 17/492-4382
Website: www.durbin.senate.gov
Contact Sen. Durbin

US Senator Mark Kirk
607 East Adams, Suite 1520
Springfield IL 62701
217/492-5089 fax 217/492-5099
Website: www.kirk.senate.gov
Contact Sen. Kirk